Day 2

Learn Japanese with me!

Day 2

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So… An update on how things are going.

I did not start off on a good foot. I broke the first rule of learning a new language. I skipped a few days…

That’s why in the picture above my reviews on WaniKani have pilled up.

Plan Forward

So I fell. The most important thing is to get back up again! And that I plan to do!

In my first blog I told you about my goals with regard to reading, listening, writing and speaking. But I didn’t tell you how I plan to achieve these gloals.


So my plan for the next six months to improve my reading is…

  1. Learning Kanji on WaniKani. I have tried many other ways of learning Kanji, including Memrise, Duolingo and Lingodeer. But WaniKani was far superior in teaching Kanji. It made me learn Kanji faster and made me able to retail them for longer. There are 3 ways they achieve this. I will break it down in a future post, but for now, 1. they break the kanji up into their constituent parts or “radicals” as they call them. Each radical can usually be found in many different Kanji. 2. They have a mnemonic or story that ties the radicals together and forms this Kanji. 3. SRS or Spaced Repetition System. This is the best method for remembering anything really. How this works is they remind you of what  you learnt just as you are about to forget it. The intervals in WaniKani are, first you learn a Kanji character, they they test you on it in 4 hours, then in 8 hours, then in 12 hours, 1 day, 2 days, and it goes on till I think the interval is 4 months and then they don’t test you anymore. It’s a brilliant system, can’t recommend it enough.
  2. Learning vocabulary through Genki 1. To improve my reading I need to improve my vocabulary. I will be going through the book Genki 1. I hear it is a great book. I plan to finish 4 such books in the next 6 months. So that’s 1.5 months per book – quick mafs. I will update you on my progress.
  3. Learning Grammar through Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese. This is a great website where you can learn Japanese grammar for free.

So here is Doraemon with his thumbs up in approval for my plan!

If you guys think this is a good plan or if you have some better suggestions please let me know in the comments or send me an email.

I was going to have another 3 headings, listening, speaking and writing. But for listening I and just going to watch JDramas. I’ll start speaking in 3 months after I finished Genki 1 and 2  – I have a plan for that which I will share later. And, finally, writing is not a priority at the moment.

Thanks for reading, enjoy this song from the anime “A Place Further Than The Universe”. I had tears at the end of that show! So good! Although, it is not for everyone. It just resonated a lot with me. It’s about a high school girl and her friends who have a dream and work really hard to reach it. It’s very inspiring.

Thanks for reading!


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