Day 1

Learn Japanese with me!

Day 1

Day 1

Hi guys! Welcome to my blog. This is where I post my progress in learning the Japanese language. Join me on my journey to becoming fluent in 6 months! The deadline is April 1, 2019. Why specifically April 1, 2019? I might let you in on that secret some time in the future. Eventually this site will be full of resources, tips and tricks that I will learn on the way to becoming fluent in Japanese.

So this is day one of my blog. It is not day one of me learning Japanese though. I don’t want to go into depth about my history. I will do that in another post. Here is just a summary of what I know so far…

What I know so far:

Kana:  I know my Hiragana and Katakana.
Grammar:  The worst off on the list. I have only done the first section of Tae Kim’s Guide to learning Japanese: Writing Systems and Pronunciation.
Vocabulary: I listened to the Pimsleur series on basic Japanese so I know some of the basics. For instance I am able to have such stimulating conversations such as , “I love this pen!”, “このペンは好きだ!”, “Do you love this pen?”, “このペンは好きですか?”.
Kanji: I am on level 8 of 60 on WaniKani (a Kanji learning website) and according to WKStats I know 274/2027 Kanji. They also say I have been learning for 245 days and date that I am expected to know all 2027 of the Kanji on WaniKani is February 17, 2024! I am aiming for March 2020.

These are my goals for April 1, 2019:

Reading: I want to be able to read and understand 99% of text on common websites/books. No need for jargon.
Writing: Be able to write out sentences and paragraphs of what ever I want (using a keyboard, though). I don’t, yet, need to be able to write by hand.
Listening: I want to be able to fully understand people when speaking. Be it on a series or in real life.
Speaking: I want to be able to communicate basic information on a variety of subjects.

Thanks for getting to the end of my first post!

Here are some generic day-1-appropriate motivational images:

On a side note: The website is still under construction and I think it still will be for the next few weeks… Don’t expect any of the links to work 🙂


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