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This is a blog where I post my Japanese learning progress. You can follow me, learn with me, advise me on better methods and generally keep each other motivated. Eventually I this website will include an app which will allow you to learn Japanese from the ground up. But in the meanwhile check out the blog!

Picture Based

Skip the prosses of first going to English and then to Japanese. This app let’s you continually think in Japanese!


Each lesson comes with a story to help you remember.

Spaced Repition System

Reminds you just as you are about to forget! The intervals get longer and longer and eventually you will know it for life!

Picture Based

Enjoy the best
picture based language program on the web

Speaking Japanese for non-native speakers usually includes the cumbersome method of first thinking of the English version of what they want to say and then thinking of the Japanese version of that. This usually esults in unnatural and slow speach. Using pictures we go straight from meaning to Japanese and not from meaning to English to Japanese.

App Coming Soon!
OUr philosophy

The Fastest and Most Efficient Way to Learn a Language

We believe our method of SRS, picture based learning is the best way to learn any language. 

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